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Disposable Cotton Facial Towel

Regular price
RM 12.90
Regular price
RM 25.90
Sale price
RM 12.90

Product Description

【100% Cotton Facial Tissue, No chemical added】
Made of pure cotton, after getting it wet, you can feel the softness and superb comfort of the cotton on your face. It is friendly for sensitive skin too.

【Replace Towels, More Clean to wipe face】:
Normal towels are not easy to dry, and it will accumulate tons of bacteria after long use. This cotton tissue can be used instead of a face towel and keep yourself safe from bacteria. It will be much cleaner and hygienic to dry your face after washing, it prevent allergies and reduce skin damage from friction.

Can be used for both dry and wet occasion. You can use it to wipe your face, remove makeup, clean hands, runny nose, and it’s also suitable for baby care. It is also ideal for house, office, and kitchen cleaning.

【 Increased on thickness & water absorption 】
The thickened design is not easy to tear, even strong pull, will not leave residue after wiping, JUST LIKE A TOWEL!

【Reusable 2-3 times, No Waste!】
With the increased thickness, the cotton tissue can be washed 2-3 times. Can be used to wipe the table/phone/for household cleaning after using it to wipe your face.

【Portable and convenient】:
You can put it in your bag, pouch or luggage. Refresh yourself by washing your face and wipe with this cotton tissue.

[ Specification ]
Material : 100% Pure Cotton
Size : 15cm x 20cm or 20 x 20cm
Pieces : 50pcs or 100pcs
**Suitable for all skin type